Webcams in Phuket

Beauty needs to be shared! Thais thought so and installed webcams at the most picturesque resorts and hotels. Now everyone who wants to plunge into a tropical vacation can do it without leaving home. And also with the help of webcams, you can see the real view of the hotel and the beach that you have chosen for your vacation. It is convenient and helps to decide where it is better to go on vacation!

Phuket Karon webcam online in real time

веб камера пляж карон

Phuket webcams are live cameras placed in various locations across Phuket Island that allow viewers to see real-time images of the island’s beaches, streets, and other attractions. These webcams provide a glimpse into the daily life of Phuket, as well as its natural beauty and scenic landscapes. They are a great resource for tourists who want to get a sense of what the island looks like before they arrive, and for locals who want to keep tabs on the weather or traffic conditions. Additionally, some of these webcams can be hosted on personal websites to share the live feed with others.

Other Phuket Cameras


The camera is located in the very north of Patong Beach, where it turns into Kalim. View of the famous dolphin monument circle, the Patong Sanctuary and the letters Patong Beach. Nearby there are famous restaurants with panoramic views of the beach Baan Rim Pa and Da Maurizio.

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