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Lara is the eastern district of Antalya, known for the good sandy beach of Lara. Lara is close to the airport, so tourists can quickly get to it. Lara is a well-developed area with all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable holiday. Hotels, stores, shopping center, cafes, restaurants, clubs and, of course, a long wide beach.

Lara on the map of Turkey

Weather in the Lara region by month

The climate in Lara is Mediterranean subtropical. The warmest time for recreation here is from June to October. The air temperature during this time reaches 33 degrees and the sea warms up to 27 degrees above zero. If such high temperatures do not suit you, then you can come here in the Velvet season – in October – November or at the beginning of the season, in May. The temperature is more comfortable and ideal for hiking and sightseeing programs.

погода в анталии по месяцам

Lara Beaches

Lara beach is the most popular beach in Antalya because of its cleanliness, awarded with the Blue Flag Award, and the sandy surface, which is rare for this resort. The sand here is coarse and dark. Not all of the beach is free for recreation, clubs and hotels occupy most of the beach, but you can find a free place here to sunbathe on a towel, but the free sections of the beach are not as clean as those occupied by hotels. The beach is also famous for its soft golden sand, which feels great underfoot. Visitors can take part in various water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing and snorkeling.

Photos of Lara’s beaches

As the beach in Lara actually looks like you can see in the following video:

To see what the Lara tourist area in Antalya looks like you can see in the video review below:

Luxury resorts

Lara is home to many luxury resorts that offer visitors an unparalleled experience. Resorts here range from five-star to ultra-luxurious and offer world-class amenities such as private beaches, pools, spa treatments and haute cuisine restaurants. Visitors can choose from a wide range of accommodations, from hotel rooms to private villas, and enjoy exceptional service and amenities.

Historic Places

Turkey is known for its rich history, and Lara is no exception. There are several historical sites in this resort town that are worth visiting. One of the most popular places is the ancient city of Perge, which is only a short drive from Lara. The city dates back to the Hellenistic period and is home to several well-preserved ancient ruins, including a theater, stadium, and agora.

Tasty Cuisine

Food in Turkey is known for its rich taste and use of fresh local ingredients. Visitors to Lara can enjoy a variety of traditional Turkish dishes such as kebabs, pide (Turkish pizza), meze and baklava. Seafood is also a popular choice, and visitors can enjoy fresh fish and seafood fished daily from the Mediterranean Sea.


Lara offers a lively nightlife with many bars, nightclubs and discos for all tastes. Visitors can enjoy live music, dance shows and DJs who play a variety of music, from Turkish pop to international hits. The nightlife is lively and goes on until the early hours of the morning.

In conclusion, Lara Turkey is a fantastic destination for tourists who want to experience a luxurious beach vacation and at the same time learn about the rich history and culture. The resort city offers everything a tourist could want, from beautiful beaches to fine cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Visitors to Lara will undoubtedly have an unforgettable experience and create lasting memories.

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