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Kundu Antalya is a resort area located south of the Turkish city of Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast. This place attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, varied entertainment and unique atmosphere.

Kundu is a small district in Antalya that is part of Lara and Aksu. Kundu is 16 km from the center of Antalya and is more secluded and quiet than the center, but if you want some shopping, partying and fun, then you can easily get there by bus or cab in Antalya itself. Kundu is a quiet neighborhood, perfect for a quiet family vacation, as well as for holidays with children.

Kundu on the map of Turkey

Weather in Kundu by month

The climate in Kundu is Mediterranean subtropical. The warmest time to rest here is from June to October. The air temperature during this time reaches 33 degrees and the sea gets up to 27 degrees above zero. If such high temperatures do not suit you, then you can come here in the Velvet season – in October – November or at the beginning of the season, in May. The temperature is more comfortable and ideal for hiking and sightseeing programs.

погода в анталии по месяцам

The best time to visit Kundu Antalya is in summer and early autumn, from May to October. At this time of year the weather is consistently warm and sunny, with a low chance of rain. Temperatures can reach 30-35 degrees Celsius, and the water in the sea remains warm for swimming. However, during the summer months there may be more tourists and prices for hotels and entertainment may be higher. If you prefer a quieter, more relaxing vacation, you may enjoy visiting Kundu Antalya during cooler times of the year, such as spring or fall. During these vacation seasons, prices may be lower and the number of tourists is lower.

Beaches in Kundu

The beach at Lara Kundu is quite wide, though it is almost completely divided among the hotels, but there is also an area for free beach vacation. The beach is covered with sand, but closer to the water there are small stones or pebbles, so rubber slippers are not out of place here. By the way, the beach received the Blue Flag award for its cleanliness, which means that it fully meets the high standards of comfort for holidaymakers.

Kundu Antalya is famous for its beaches, where clean sand and crystal clear sea welcome guests. The most popular beaches in the area are Ant Beach (Falez Plajı), Villalar Plajı, Sirt Plajı, Lara Plajı and others.

Photo of the beaches of Kundu

To see what the beach in the Kundu Lara area actually looks like, check out the video below:

Recreation and Entertainment

Kundu Antalya has many opportunities for recreation and entertainment. Guests can enjoy shopping in local shopping malls, visit amusement parks, experience adrenaline surfing or paragliding, go on water trips or diving. And for those who prefer a more relaxing vacation, you can just relax in the beautiful gardens or visit spas.

Historical attractions

Kundu Antalya is also famous for its historical sites. For example, here is the ancient city of Perge, which was founded in the 5th century BC. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Turkey, where you can see the remains of ancient temples, amphitheaters, libraries and other monuments of ancient culture.

Holidays with children

Kundu Antalya is ideal for families with children. For younger guests there are many different children’s clubs and activities such as luna parks, water parks and zoos. You can also rent a boat on the coast and go sailing to enjoy the beautiful views and the beautiful sea.

Restaurants and Cuisine

Kundu Antalya is known for its cuisine, which combines traditional Turkish dishes with international influences. Local restaurants offer dishes such as chebureks, kebabs, meze and various desserts. There are also many seafood restaurants where you can enjoy fresh shrimp, fish and shellfish.

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