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Beldibi is a small village located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea near Kemer. It is an environmentally friendly resort with beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains and many interesting places to visit. The resort was formed just recently, so there are not many tourists, which will allow you to spend your holidays in silence and solitude.

Beldibi on the map of Turkey

Weather in Beldibi in Turkey

The climate in Beldibi is Mediterranean, the hottest time is in the summer months. However, in Beldibi there are many coniferous groves, in which it is cool and comfortable to walk in the shade. The water temperature is suitable for swimming from May to September. If you prefer lower temperatures, then the velvet season in September-October and May will suit you best.

When to visit Beldibi

The peak season in Beldibi is from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. During this time the average temperature is around 28°C, making it ideal for swimming, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. The low season lasts from November to April, when temperatures are cooler and some attractions may be closed. However, this is a great time to enjoy the tranquility of the city and take advantage of the lower prices.

Beaches Beldibi

The beach on Beldibi is one, it is divided into sections 1, 2 and 3. Throughout the beach there are hotels from modest 3* to luxurious 5*. Originally the beach was covered with a pebble, but after the construction of hotels on it brought sand, and now the beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles. Walk on it comfortably with special slippers. Also on the beach there are concrete slabs at the entrance to the water, so choose carefully the hotel, taking into account the features of the beach.

Going into the sea here is steep enough, which is not very suitable for recreation with children.

Photos of the beaches of Beldibi

The sights of Beldibi

  • Beldibi Mosque – A small mosque of modern construction in Beldibi, which creates an oriental flavor to this city.
Мечеть Бельдиби

  • Beldibi Cave-  an interesting place for lovers of natural wonders. You can get here by bus and the entrance is free. The cave is more than 300 meters long and is full of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Here you can go down into the cave and see the underground life created by nature. Here flows the river Beldibi, and next to the cave there is a picturesque waterfall.
Пещера Бельдиби

  • Ataturk Park- municipal city park, which is clean, pleasant to walk around, enjoy the views of the mountains and breathe the cleanest pine air.
парк ататюрка бельдиби

  • Fazelis- An ancient city near Kemer (10 km) founded in the 3rd century BC. To date, the ruins of the city, lost in a pine forest at the foot of Tahtali Mountain, the cleanest beaches. You can get here by bus, by rented car or order a tour. Entrance fee to Faselis Park is 30 lira per person. On Fazelis will be comfortable to walk even in the hottest weather, because the conifers are excellent protection from the heat, you can also swim in the cleanest sea.
фазелис турция

  • Geynyuk Canyon- is an amazingly beautiful place. The Geynyuk River flows here, passing through huge rocks and overhanging stones. Picturesque waterfalls, clear turquoise water – all this attracts fans of unique natural phenomena here. The canyon is more than 14 kilometers long. Entrance to the canyon costs $ 12, plus $ 8 to enter the canyon itself.
каньон гейнюк

  • Tahtaly Mountain- The top of Mount Tahtali rises 2,365 meters above sea level. A cable car can be taken up to it to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.
тахталы бельдиби

Beldibi is a beautiful and peaceful resort town, where everyone will find something for themselves. From natural wonders to exciting things to do, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Beldibi. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or a trip full of adventure, Beldibi is the place to visit. With its stunning scenery, warm climate and hospitable locals, it’s no wonder why Beldibi is becoming a popular tourist destination.

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