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Fethiye is a little popular Turkish resort in the south-west of the country, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. But it is beloved by tourists from European countries, so if you go here to rest, you will rarely hear the Russian speech. The resort is located 40 km from Dalaman Airport, so it is very easy to get here. Fethiye is surrounded by the Lycian Mountains, a nature reserve and pine groves, the air here is truly delicious and healing. It has beautiful picturesque bays and beaches, many ancient ruins and nightlife.

Fethiye has a history of more than 2000 years and this is reflected in its architecture and culture. The old city with its narrow streets and stone houses is a real gem. There are sights such as Peter’s Castle, the Roman theater and the Karabahat Mosque.

Fethiye on the map of Turkey

Weather in Fethiye by month

The weather in Fethiye does not drop below 15 degrees above zero all year round. The hottest weather and the highest tourist season lasts from May to October, this is when most tourists come here to rest, hotels fill up and the resort comes alive. The air temperature reaches 35 degrees, the water warms up to 22 degrees.

погода в фетхие по месяцам

Water temperature in Fethiye by month

температура воды в фетхие

Beaches in Fethiye

Fethiye is also known for its stunning beaches, surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear waters. One of the most famous beaches – Oludeniz – is just 15 minutes drive from the city. This place is popular among fans of extreme holidays due to the unique microclimate and the opportunity to do paragliding.

There is a city beach in Fethiye, it is not bad, but nothing special. The most beautiful beaches in Fethiye are near the neighboring town of Oludeniz.

  • Blue Lagoon is the most famous beach in the area, it is a sandy ledge in the sea, covered with greenery. The surface of the beach is sandy mixed with stones and pebbles. The entrance to the beach is shallow and comfortable for swimming, which is great for holidays with children. However, the beach is too popular, and therefore there are too many tourists, which makes it very noisy, not enough sunbeds and free space, as well as the water is not transparent, and cloudy and dirty. To see this beach as on the photo, go here in low season.
Голубая лагуна Фетхие

  • Belcekiz is a city beach of the small town of Oludeniz, it rests on one side of the cliffs, and on the other side passes into the Blue Lagoon beach. Here rise fairly large waves and when entering the water quickly comes to a depth, so swimming with children here is not the best. The beach is sandy, but there are pebbles and stones, so everyone walks and swims in rubber slippers. There are many paragliders who fly over the picturesque bays.
Пляж Бельчекиз фетхие

  • Kidrak or Paradise Beach is a sparsely populated sandy beach located in the Oludeniz Kidrak Tabiat Park. The beach entrance is paid, so there are fewer tourists and no crowds. The beach is covered with coarse sand, you can find small stones here and there. The beach is surrounded by a pine park, not far from the beach there is a parking lot and barbecues for cooking kebabs. By the way, the water temperature on this beach is lower than on the other beaches, because there are cold water springs.
Пляж Кидрак Фетхие

  • Liberty Hotels Lykia beach – the beach is located in a very picturesque bay and belongs to the hotel. The beach is sandy, narrow and very long. There is a lagoon for children with a breakwater to protect it from the waves and a beach for adults. The water here is perfectly turquoise and clean.

Пляж отеля либерти фетхие

Attractions in Fethiye

  • The ruins of the Greek city of Kaya

  • The ruins of the city of Castabar

When it comes to food, Fethiye will not disappoint you. Here you will find many seafood restaurants, local dishes and other goodies. We recommend trying the local food, barbunya (red sea bass) and visiting the local food market to taste the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Finally, Fethiye is famous for the unique culture that permeates all aspects of life here. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a local dance festival or watch a traditional performance of musicians.

Fethiye has something for everyone, from history buffs to seafood and beach lovers. We hope you will enjoy all that this wonderful resort city has in store!

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