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Kusadasi is a small resort town in Turkey on the Aegean coast. You can get here from Izmir Airport (70 km) or Dalaman Airport. This resort features sandy beaches and many interesting attractions nearby. And also the convenient location allows you to tour the most interesting excursions in Turkey.

Kusadasi on the map of Turkey

Weather in Kusadasi by month

The weather in Kusadasi does not drop below 15 degrees above zero all year round. The hottest weather and the highest tourist season lasts from May to October, during this time most tourists come here to rest, hotels fill up and the resort comes alive. The air temperature reaches 30 degrees, the water warms up to 22 degrees.

Погода в Кушадасах по месяцам

пляжи кушадасы на карте

Beaches in Kusadasi

Kusadasi beaches are a paradise for beach lovers. The beaches, here are very beautiful and located just a short walk from the main promenade. For those who like an active holiday, there are a variety of water sports, including snorkeling, diving, water skiing and more.

  • The city beach is located in the center of Kusadas, the entrance is free, there are sun loungers, umbrellas and everything you need.
городской пляж кушадасы
  • Ladies’ Beach is a good popular beach with fine sand, so there are a lot of people here. The beach is well equipped, wooden bridges are built, trees are planted, there are areas with sunbeds and cafes on the shore.
Леди бич кушадасы
  • Pigeon Beach is located on the pigeon island, connected to the mainland by a bridge. The beach is suitable for lovers of diving, as well as for those who appreciate the silence and sparseness.
Голубиный пляж в кушадасах
  • Kouştour beach is located 5 km from the center of Kusadas. The beach is wide and long with coarse sand underfoot. You can get here by bus or cab. The beach has waves and is therefore not ideal for swimming with children.
Пляж Куштур кушадасы
  • Tusan is a beach 7 km from the center of Kusadas. There are fewer people, good sand and a calm and measured atmosphere.
Пляж тусан кушадасы
  • Golden Beach got its name because of the golden sand in this place. The shallow entrance to the water and the absence of waves attract beach lovers.
Кушадасы золотой пляж
  • Silver Beach – an excellent beach with light sand and clear water, here you will enjoy diving or snorkeling in the sea.
Серебряный пляж кушадасы
  • Long Beach is a long sandy beach, 6 km from Kusadas. It is spacious, clean, with turquoise water and light sand, it will appeal to all lovers of beach relaxation.
Лонг бич кушадасы

Attractions in Kusadasi

In Kusadasi you can also enjoy the local culture and history. It is recommended to visit Ephesus, an archeological park located only 20 km from Kusadasi. This open-air museum is an ancient city, which has been preserved since the 10th century BC. Also in Kusadasi you can visit Pigher Castle, local market and candy museum.

  • Pamukkale is a region known for its thermal springs and white terraces formed by calcium deposits. This amazing place attracts tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery, visit ancient ruins and relax in the spas. We recommend visiting the ancient city of Hierapolis, located near Pamukkale, which was founded in the 2nd century BC and is known for its theater ruins, swimming pools and necropolises. Pamukkale is a unique place to visit when traveling to Turkey.
памуккале турция

  • Ephesus is an ancient city in western Turkey known for its ancient ruins and architectural monuments. This city was founded in the 11th century BC and was one of the largest and most prosperous cities of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Tourists can now visit various monuments such as the Celsus Library, the Marble Street, the amphitheater and the Temple of Artemis. This place attracts thousands of tourists every year because of its rich history and the beautiful architecture of the majestic structures.

  • Miletus is an ancient city in western Turkey that was one of the most influential cities in ancient Greece and was of great importance to trade and culture for many centuries. The city was famous for its harbor, which was one of the largest and busiest in the region, as well as for its famous philosophers and scientists. Now tourists can visit various ancient ruins including an amphitheater, a temple of Apollo and various mausoleums. This place attracts history and culture lovers because of its rich history and unique architecture.

  • Didim is a small ancient city on the west coast of Turkey, famous for its powerful ancient temple of Apollo. This temple was built in the 8th century BC and is one of the most significant architectural monuments of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Now tourists can visit this majestic temple and enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea. The city is also known for its restaurant and cultural scene as well as for the excellent beaches in its vicinity. This place attracts tourists who are interested in history and culture.

  • Aphrodisias is an ancient city in southern Turkey that was known for its architectural monuments and the skill of local artists. The city was founded back in the 5th century BC and was dedicated to the goddess of beauty Aphrodite. Today, tourists can visit the temples, theaters, and forums of the magnificent ancient city, as well as a museum with a collection of ancient sculptures and woodcarvings. Aphrodisias is a unique place that attracts fans of history, culture and art.

Hotels in Kusadasi

Hotel accommodation in Kusadasi is represented by a wide range of resort hotels and apartments, where tourists can choose the right option for their holiday, regardless of having a certain budget and preferences.

Nightlife in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is also known for its nightlife, with many bars and clubs where you can spend a fun and unforgettable evening. The city has many bars, clubs and restaurants that are open until late at night and offer different types of music, dance and cuisine. There are many bars and cafes on the waterfront where you can enjoy a great view of the sea and relax after a day at the beach. Kusadasi is also famous for its nightclubs that offer techno, house and dance music. The city also hosts various festivals and concerts during the summer season. In general, nightlife in Kusadasi is very lively and diverse and any tourist will find something for themselves.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Kusadasi and enjoy the beauty of the Aegean Sea, the local culture and a wonderful holiday.

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